About Us

Knots 2U was founded by Jim Bradshaw in 1981 for the purpose of adding speed and efficiency to aircraft.  The first airplane modified was a Piper Twin Comanche, which went on to win the Cafe 400 Air Race in 1982.  Soon other planes were added to the list including the Single Comanche, Cherokees, Arrows , Lances, Senecas,  Beech Bonanzas and Barons.  Our latest addition is a complete line of modifications for Cessna single engine aircraft. Knots 2U now has over 70 STC'd modifications with over 40,000 kits installed worldwide! 

Unlike some "if it looks good, it must be good" mods out there today, Knots 2U's approach has been to use scientific data and analysis to develop the most efficient designs, while at the same time keeping prices reasonable and affordable.  Knots 2U also works hard to make sure our mods are designed with future maintenance in mind.  A mod that will have to be removed for maintenance or inspections is made to be removed easily and quickly.

 All products are manufactured by specialized contractors, or at Knots 2U's in-house fabrication and installation shop, under the guidance and constraints of our FAA-PMA (Parts Manufacture Approval).  The use of space age materials such as Kevlar and Carbon Fiber are part of the Knots 2U effort to stay abreast of the times.

A trade-mark of a Knots 2U mod is that they are designed to look as if they were meant to be there from the factory............not an afterthought.  We are often asked the difference between our products and others on the market today.  The answer is simply  "look at them on an airplane....... you will see the difference"!

All of our products are fully STC'd and PMA'd by the FAA.  Kits come with easy to read step-by-step instructions.  All necessary hardware is included and the parts have predrilled pilot holes where necessary.   They are designed to be installed easily by the aircraft owner or the local mechanic.