Van's Aircraft / RV Models

  • Aircraft Wing Walk Compound from Knots 2U

    Ultra Wing Walk Compound, Rubber. ADSUWW

    A Revolutionary New Wing Walk Coating. This phenomenal new wing walk coating reduces the chance of slipping when climbing up on the wing. Unlike the mundane wing walk coating found on most aircraft, ULTRA WING WALK is a fast-drying polyurethane-based...
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  • RV-12 Main Gear Fairings

    RV-12 Main Gear Fairings (Set of 4) RV-12-80A

    The NEW RV-12 is really taking off! We have 3d laser scanned the main gear intersections for a perfect fit and created a fun accessory for homebuilders to help with a first class finish out on what we believe is the most exciting new kit...
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  • RV-12 Step Fairing

    RV-12 Step Fairing (Set of 2)

    This small fairing provides a smooth tasteful addition to the step strut on your RV-12. Molded in sturdy ABS plastic this part has a perfect fit to tie the step into the fuselage. The smooth glossy finish is ready for a light scuff and...
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  • RV-12 Dorsal Fin

    RV 12 Dorsal

    Forward fillet radius from the front of the vertical fin to the top of the fuselage. This part can be used on any experimental type, non-certified aircraft. We have specifically made the product to fit the RV-12 but could be used for many other...
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  • Vans RV Series Stainless Steel Hardware Kit.

    Vans RV Series Stainless Steel Hardware Kit

    Vans RV Series stainless steel hardware kit from Knots 2U. The Knots 2U stainless steel hardware kit is the most complete on the market. a. Kit includes exterior non-structural screws only. b. Kit includes an extra screw allowance for...
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  • Vans Bogi-Bar Tow Bars

    Vans Bogi-Bar Tow Bars

    Bogi Bars are the most reliable way to tow your aircraft by hand, and since they're made in America, it's only appropriate that they come with a lifetime guarantee (for intended use incidents only).  They are made of durable steel and...
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  • MaxPulse Landing Light Controller

    Max Pulse Landing Light Controller. SEC9200-000-B

    The MaxPulse system pulses the existing landing, taxi, and recognition lights in patterns which create an illusion of exaggerated motion. Your aircraft becomes visible for miles even in fog or smog. Isn't it worth the added safety?SEE. BE...
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