Cleaning and Polishing Supplies

  • RejeX Polymer Coating. 16oz Can.

    RejeX Polymer Coating. 16oz Can.

    RejeX is a thin-film polymer coating designed to provide a high-release surface. This very thin film - less than a micron thick - prevents stains and adhesion of common contaminants such as exhaust, bugs, oil, tree sap, bird droppings, etc. It's easy to...

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  • Corrosion X 16oz. Airosol

    Corrosion X 16oz. Airosol

    CorrosionX is an excellent penetrant, lubricant and corrosion filter which conforms to MIL-C-81309E and is perfect for extended corrosion protection of airframes. It is also highly effective in protection of all components in the electrical/avionics...

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  • Plexus Plastic Cleaner 13oz

    Plexus Plastic Cleaner 13oz

    This is serious stuff and it's so easy to use! This plastic polish is used by NASA and the Air Force. In fact, it's mandated for use on the B1B Stealth Bomber to clean, polish and protect the canopy. That's a $300,000.00 canopy! An aggressive...

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