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Air Filters

  • Brackett BA-7 Air Filter Element

    Brackett Air Filter Element BA-7

    Applicability Filter Cross Reference Filter Manufacturer Part Number Air Maze 120993 122172 125400-4 AM-125400-005 AM101720FP AC 6484696 Beech 50-389070-1 50-389070-5 50-389070-9 50-389070-11 Donaldson ...

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  • K&N / Challenger High Performance Air Filter,  CP3202

    Challenger Air Filter, High Performance. CP-3202

    K&N Performance Filters have been well known in the automotive world for years, unsurpassed in airflow and filtering capability they are now one of the most used filters on the road today. Now this technology is available and FAA-PMA approved...

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  • K&N Challenger Air Filter Cleaner and Recharger Kit

    K&N Recharger® Filter Service Kit. CP-99-5050

    K&N Filter Chargers® use a specially formulated oil to attract and suspend dirt to the cotton-gauze filtration surface. Over time, dirt accumulates on the filter and airflow can be reduced. This is where the K&N ReCharger® Filter Care...

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